Yep, that is me....sometimes the beard goes on holiday though.

Yep, that is me....sometimes the beard goes on holiday though.

Oh.... so you decided to read my "about" page....

I am Duncan and I am a photographer, but you figured that out already, well at least I hope you did.  I was born in Britain, now I live in Taiwan, just outside Taipei and have done since late 2013.

In addition to making images, I am a Fujifilm X Photographer and an ambassador for Cactus Imaging who produce excellent light modifiers, speedlights and transceivers. It is interesting to be part of a team developing new and innovative kit, furthermore it allows me to indulge my inner Geek (all photographers have one hidden away somewhere).    

I travel about making photographs of people and stuff, you know portraits, fashion, objects and stuff about the place I am at. Sometimes I dictate the light, sometimes the light dictates me and sometimes I run off all very excited about the bloody light....  The light, the light...

I could go on about the technicalities of this and that involved in photography, I am sure you could tell me all about the intricacies of your job, but that's a conversation for later. What I really want to know is, what photographs you would like me to create for you, when you want them and where we are going to shoot them. Simple isn't it. 

Keep it simple, make it fun, create something good, that is the plan.

Look down there, just below, that's how you can reach me and link to my social media, you see the first part of the plan is already happening...

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