Here we are at the start of another week. It would appear that spring is finally getting a toe in the door and with the clocks changing we have longer evening light. I have begun to think about a book of black and white landscape shots, having more time to travel before sunset will only aid this I am sure. I hope to make a few more like these....

If you like these then feel free to contact me to make orders for original prints

I had a minor setback on Thursday which was a little embarrassing to say the least. I had a portrait shoot lined up for my series "The Collectors", the shoot was in Battersea. I had checked my gear and it all seemed ok, generator pack charged, radio triggers all set and camera just fine. As I pulled up outside the location there was a pop, the electrics had gone on my Motorcycle, it was still running and I had a headlight but nothing else. Well accepting that the ride home in the dark wasn't going to be much fun I got the kit off the bike and knocked on the door. I was greeted by Jon, the subject of the portrait and began to enjoy a conversation about rare Jazz vinyl (not an area I know much about), Jon's enthusiasm and incredible knowledge for this genre is amazing. One thing I have found during this project is the fantastic passion of the people I am photographing for their collections and music. Jon has a great look and air about him so I knew it was going to be a good shoot and the result would be another  great portrait for my series. Imagine then my horror, I set the lights up, plugged them into the power-pack and nothing. Only the sound of a malfunction. Only having limited space on my bike and had no back up, I could not have been more embarrassed. Jon however was very understanding, we made a shot using a table lamp which gave an idea of how this will look and it is rescheduled. I will hire a car for the next time and make sure I have back up, lesson learned! 

I have prepared one of my motorcycles for sale, hopefully I will get enough to look at getting a car, that will make life a lot easier. 

I had a shoot on Friday for a portrait, there is a bit more to this story but I will have to tell you tomorrow as I have to get busy working on photographs, deadlines :-)

Remember to spread the word, get in touch if you need a photographer and most importantly have fun... 

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