Has it really been over two months? Bloody hell!

It has been a ridiculous period of my life. We got the leaving date to move to Taiwan and that was six and a half weeks ago. As you can imagine life went into overdrive, the list was (is) endless but we are in Taipei now and a new chapter is beginning.

I expect you would like to see fresh photographs of Taiwan, after all I am a photographer and this is a photography blog, essentially. Sadly however I am typing this on my iPad, feeling a little under the weather after receiving an MMR jab yesterday to meet the medical requirements for my residents visa. I am also rather depressed that my beloved pc is sitting dismantled on a shelf in front of me waiting for a new cage for reassembly. I treated myself to a new monitor for being such a brave boy after enduring my medical so am very excited to get that running, hoping my shots look extra gorgeous on that 27" beauty. To be fair my medical took place in a very plush VIP section of the hospital, nothing like you would see in the NHS. Don't get me wrong, I love the NHS but £60 to sit in a cool lounge suit, on a plush sofa watching tv while I got my bloods done, MMR and chest X-ray is a much more agreeable way of going about it. I still deserve lots of sympathy though so don't forget to say "ahhh there there....etc"

I have shot some fresh work, and some very beautiful photographs I wish to share with you since August and my last post in here, as soon as I get the pc up and running I will post them. I am also going to embark on building my new website and get back to a heavy marketing campaign, got to drum up work and start paying my way. Not to mention the fact I already really miss working with a team and making great photographs together.  It is this building frustration that proves to me I am a photographer, I didn't choose to be I feel the need to be. Sounds full of pretence doesn't it,  "but darling, I simply have to make photographs or I'd go quite mad!".  Perhaps put like that it does, I am sure there are plenty of you out there who get frustrated when you don't get to express yourselves. Whether it is through writing, singing, acting, riding your motorcycle, running, skateboarding or whatever other outlet you use you just got to do it. For me this outlet, release, communication and expression is found through photography. Being in a country where I don't yet understand the language and don't have a supportive creative network built is daunting. As I write this I realise I need to get my camera out ASAP and make some shots, this will make me feel better and more productive.

I do apologise for this wordy blog, I appreciate it if you have taken the time to read it, I hope I don't sound like I am moaning. I can assure you that I am very excited about being here, the new influences around me and the fresh work opportunities. Speaking of which, if you know any editors, advertising agencies or businesses looking for a good photographer in Asia I am we'll up for any work, I am happy to travel as long as expenses are covered and very experienced on all levels of shoots.

Right, I am off out with me camera, it is raining, the sky is flat white but I will not be deterred, there is a shot to be made and I will hunt that bugger down and make it, just you wait and see!

Remember as ever, please spread the word, follow my blog etc... I need your support more than ever right now ok?

Cheery bye.....