What a busy weekend. I spent all day Saturday in front of my pc getting portraits turned around for my new website. I hope to launch it by the weekend, it didn't help that I decided to do a load of extra post production but it has made them more striking so well worth it.

Today (Sunday) I took myself off to Chelsea Legends motors show at The Royal Hospital. I landed a media pass, there was a fantastic turn out of cars from the very latest Bugatti to vintage Bentley's and everything in between, including to my delight a mint Ford Capri in white with a black vinyl roof, awesome!

I now have a whole load of car shots to work through and of course I don't want the crowds and mess in the background, time to get to grips with the true nature of building a composite image, this is going to be long but hopefully worth it. I get to learn a new bunch of techniques too, every day is a school day.

So things to do this week....

Complete post on L&C's shots.

Encrease my network of MUA's

Get set and enjoy a great shoot on Thursday for my ongoing art project, and make a piece for the models wish list (really looking forward to this).

Get set for a commercial shoot in Oxford on Saturday, a new location (well old but revisited after 15 years).

A full week of fun and frolics.....bring it on!