I am a bit sad that we are leaving Myanmar later today. I would like to see more of the country. The people are friendly and accommodating. As a photographer with my cameras on the street I felt very safe. If you venture off the main streets and into the back lanes people will come and look at you. They are curious and interested, I felt no threat or malice from these generous warm hearted and beautiful people. 

Yesterday it was wonderful to wander around with our great friend Matt Yoxall, I hadn't seen him for many years. Finding ourselves in the same city at the same time so far away from where we grew up was amazing. I truly hope it is not such along time until we can hang out and shoot the breeze again. 20 years ago if I had been told that Matt and I would be playing pool at The Strand in Yangon I would have laughed but there we were as if it were the most natural thing in the world. So thank you Matt it was great to see you.

Tomorrow I will wake up in Bangkok and get to wander the streets there. So I guess for now it's farewell Yangon and Myanmar, good luck with your transition and I hope you don't loose all your innocence and charm to the western way. Jayzu tin ba dare, ta ta.