Coming back from a long weekend visiting an old friend and fellow photographer over in Fishguard, I was welcomed by a freezing fog on the platform. I watched the train head of into the misty gloom and was very glad to walk through the door of a warm house to be greeted by my wife.

I got back on the case today contacting some interior designers, with whom I had positive conversations and am looking forward to catching up with them in the new year. If any of you know any interior designers please send them my way, I am looking to build my portfolio in that area so deals can be done and agreements made.

I wasn't sitting on my bum doing nothing while out in Pembrokeshire, Ed and I had a couple of adventures. The first was to Abereddi, where the recent Red Bull cliff diving event was held. The sun was out and although a little windy it was a lovely place to visit, I could have happily pottered around the cliffs for hours....

Having recently invested in a big stopper 10 stop nd filter I was itching to use it and can't wait for a good day to get some buildings and fast moving clouds, hopefully not long until the opportunity presents itself for that.

Continuing my new found interest in venturing into derelict places, I had done a bit of research and found Scoverston Fort. We went there and after walking around the lip of an overgrown abyss having failed to see the path in where we had started (believe me this place is thick with brambles and matted growth). We finally made our way to the rusty gate, through this and into a long tunnel through witch we found what remains of the fort. I have some pictures and will post soon, you'll just have to wait a day or so for the rest of the tale.