Ups and Downs!
Had a great meeting and then things went quiet but as ever a bit of patience seems to be paying off. On Monday I set up my studio and spent a long day making food shots, these are now lined up and ready to launch with my new look site.
I received a call for a shoot which happened on Tuesday during an event at London Olympia. It was interesting and a good test of my skills to make something from a not ideal situation. All worked out well though and the advert and brochures should be sent to press soon.
Wednesday brought a meeting with my super talented web designer Beech and a revelation regarding traffic to my site. This has brought a major re-design which hopefully will result in more viewings and, fingers crossed work.
Stop talking and show us some work I hear you cry, well ok then. Here are a few street shots, I totally love my Fuji X100. Enjoy these....

The last 2 were shot at Tate Modern after a very enjoyable and educational viewing of the Surrealist's show, if you haven't seen it and have a chance I recommend you get yourself down there and enjoy some culture.

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