I hope that all of you reading this from the UK had an enjoyable (although chilly) Easter weekend. My folks came to stay so it was a great chance to see them and spend some time together. My Dad is a keen photographer and I always try and encourage him to learn. He has been known to test my patience on occasion but I will not give up, he will make better photographs! 

With this in mind we walked right to the middle of Richmond Park and set up by the ponds for the sunset, the sunset wasn't very good but we got enough for me to demonstrate a bit of post production technique. All in all we walked over 10Km half of that in darkness, that is probably more time than I have spent with the old man without being in the pub since I turned 18. I am not going to post the shots as, like I said the conditions weren't great, however I know more about the ponds now and will look to return when the weather suits a great shot.

I have been picking up some work on the south coast, Worthing to be exact so have been up and down the A24 on my bike. I haven't had a chance to be on the beach at sunset ye but am sure the opportunity will arise and I will get some beautiful beach sunset shots for the collection. 

I have finally found out what was wrong with my darling Aprilia, a bloody loose cable. Months of head scratching, swearing and general expense to find a cable disconnected.  Well on the bright side it is fixed and can now be readied for sale. My GSXR has to go too, it has become a choice between a bike and a car,at the moment a car is a more practical option. What carrying kit etc and if I am going to be back and forth to the coast then it is a no brainer.

Teaching my Dad about landscape photography and looking at getting a car has given me an idea. I like to get out and away from it all, ever since tennis elbow stopped me fishing I have found myself increasingly making landscape photographs. Searching for the location, researching the light and walking off to the right spot gives me time to reflect and enjoy being relaxed. Now with a car in mind I have been thinking that maybe I could teach small groups of enthusiastic photographers some of the techniques I have learn't. One thing at a time though, can't go advertising that and then trying to carry 4 people and their kit on my motorbike.

I am sorry this is a text heavy blog on what I try to keep mostly image filled but finally go and check this out http://www.theridersdigest.co.uk/mag_pdf/TRD177.pdf , it is the latest edition of The Riders Digest magazine (it is free to download) featuring an article about my trip to last years TT. Being primarily a portrait photographer I set about making portraits of people that I met at the TT. The Isle of Man TT is world famous but it would not be the event it is if it weren't for the wonderful people that come and make it so. Take a minute and have a look, I loved the shots I made and all the characters within them, I hope you do too.