It’s the end of one month, and more importantly the start of another. One filled with photographic adventure and challenge (I hope). If it is anything like July then I won’t be complaining. The start of the month saw me off for a tour around France, I do love the opportunity of a bit of travel photography and the possibilities to meet new people. It was great, my wife and I having a fabulous time hitting the roads all the way to the south and back, starting and finishing our French adventure in Champagne, what could be better.
I will have to address the shots from France at a later time though because I have been flat out since we got back. Shooting the usual order of interiors, I got an opportunity to really enjoy myself in a wonderful house. Each floor was decorated in a different style but all leaning towards Mediterranean Europe.

I just adored the vibe in the house. The other piece of Architecture that caught my eye (and my underlying fascination with benches) was this little scene in Worthing. 

With all the glorious sunshine we have been having, how could I resist the call to make a beach wear shoot. Sand, sea, blue sky, dunes and of course some drunk bloke fiddling with his bbq and muttering comments about the scene unfolding in front of him as we set up the lights and made a great shoot.

The next call to work saw me loading a full on studio including backdrops into the car and heading off to a large mansion house in Kent for make-up artist Dominic Paul (www.dominic-paul.com). What a great place and burgeoning young talent. We had a fun and productive few hours on set. 

I will certainly look forward to working with him again in the future.
So we have had interiors, architecture, fashion and beauty so what is left? A new food stylist (well fresh to food from fashion) Alicia Grobelna came over to the studio in Kingston and got busy in the kitchen, I got busy getting fatter (as usual on food shoots) but also building the set and making the first shots of a 2 part shoot, the second of which is on Sunday 4th J.

Other than that I have an exhibition on, the show is at Cafe Bernardo on Richmond road, Kingston upon Thames. I am also busy with my personal portrait project “The Collectors” which is where I have to rush off and get ready for a shoot now.
Have fun and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to chat about any photographic work you may need.


P.s. Remember, get out there spreading the vibe....Duncan Longden Photography