Tear Sheets....

Back in the UK I used to spend some time shooting fashion stories, it was something I did for fun. Although it can be a full on busy day, it is great working with a full team. I enjoy the creative process, getting everything organised, wondering if everyone will turn up and all the energy on set.

Situations can vary so much with so many people, having to think on your feet, adapt to the situation, changing light, wet dogs jumping around you lights and models, it all makes for an action packed shoot.

My shoots have featured in the last 2 issues of Zélé Magazine, they recently sent me the tear sheets from the latest issue.....

Huge thanks to the team that worked so hard together on this shoot, it was a fun day. Wimbledon common was drenched in 2 stroke exhaust fumes from the generator powering the hair-dryer and smoke machine.   
To Laura and Luna the models, thank you, Candice on Make Up, thank you, Naoki on Hair, thank you and Tizianna on styling, thank you.

I am in the midst of organising a fashion shoot here in Taipei, I want my students to experience what it is like and also have some fun making a shoot. I have some great models on the team and hopefully some great outfits, we will see what fun ensues.

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