Back in Taiwan again...

Back in Taiwan

Christmas and New Year was spent in the UK, I will write more on that in a week or so as I am working through the landscapes I made whilst there. We had lovely crisp winter light and even a bit of snow, it's been a while since I was braving the cold to make a shot but it was well worth it.

I am happy to be back in Taiwan now, four weeks away is enough. Thankfully there are a few things in the pipeline, it looks as though the start of the year is going to be a busy one. The busier I am the better, I am looking forward to working with new clients and continuing to grow my relationship with existing ones. 

Being back it was good fun to hit the streets of Taipei with my trusty Fujifilm X100, it really is a great camera to have slung on your shoulder to grab those moments on the streets, enjoy these shots, all from the last seven days.

Punters queue for (in my opinion) the best Guabao (割包) in Taipei. It's funny but boy I missed some of the food while I was away...

Guabao is a delicious pocket of steamed bread filled with braised pork belly, fried greens, coriander and shaved peanut.... 

This fabulous street delicacy is one of my favorite Taiwanese foods, for those in the UK, don't be mislead by Jamie Oliver's foodie faux pas when he stated Guabao is Korean, it is Taiwanese and no messing.

Living just outside Taipei I am often on the bus into town, obviously it depends which part of town I am going to as to where I get off. I couldn't resist grabbing this shot at Songshan Airport, it presented itself to me as soon as I stepped of the bus, I guess it pays to always be ready.

I think this is one of the most popular shots taken in Taipei. I have shot this view a few times and I will shoot it plenty more I expect, after all it always looks different as the weather changes. If you want to make it for yourself, head on over to Nanjing North Road MRT station.

The weather is beginning to pick up in Taiwan, although it is still a little chilly in the morning, come midday it is quite pleasant. I love this sun worshiper, he was making the most of it with his tea on the decking at The Breeze Center Mall.

Sadly the view is not that fantastic from The Breeze. This is a fairly standard look for apartments in Taiwan, it isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I find them quite charming.

Betelnut is everywhere in Taiwan, you may have heard of the famous "Betelnut Beauties". Although it is a curiosity to see pretty young girls in skimpy outfits selling this stuff to punters from booths at the roadside. I'll leave the photographing of "Betelnut Beauties" to everyone else, I have started to make some shots documenting the variety of premises Betelnut is sold from, I am going to call it "Betel Huts".

It was lunchtime, the stores lining Lane 312, Bade Road, Sec 2 were all doing well. This guy was certainly enjoying his noodles.

Want something to drink, look about and a you may find a vending machine, these were tucked behind a logistics company in Neihu. Loving the improvised dumpster weather protection. I think I will stick to 7-11 though thanks.

Preferring something natural smelling to freshen their cars you often get people walking among the traffic waiting at the lights selling Yulan flowers (玉蘭花). More often than not the people selling are older generations and female, this lady takes a well deserved rest as the traffic flows.

My day in Taipei done, I was soon back on the bus and heading home. I had looked at this "Betel Hut" before, the bus stopped right by it so I grabbed the shot while I had a few seconds. This is a perfect example of why I find the huts so interesting, they are run down, pealing, colourful and in someways dangerous looking. 

One last thing before I finish up, if you have read my previous blogs (if you haven't go back and check them out, you may enjoy them), you will know that I have been involved with National Geographic Traveller UK's photography competition as a judge. I spent time over Christmas and New Year looking at the entries and making my decisions, needless to say it was not easy. I was also interviewed by the magazine (it was edited a little but not to worry), which appeared in the last issue, if you didn't see it have a read here...

As ever, thank you for taking the time to take a look at my work, feel free to share it, leave a comment or ask a question.

Should you need a photographer based in Asia, get in touch for a chat, I am always very happy to hear from people regarding work. I am also very happy to travel anywhere in the world I am required. 

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Like I said at the start, I will be following this up with a more news filled blog with what is coming up, and some lovely landscapes from the UK.

Cheers for now,