National Geographic Traveller and the Panda Picnic....ish!

National Geographic Traveller and the Panda Picnic....ish!

Pandas, they are cute and cuddly right, well that is the image we project of them. Our lovable, playful black and white furry friends. For years we were always excited by news that males or females were being flown in to help with the attempt to rejuvenate the dwindling wild population of these humble creatures. Thanks to science, humans have now managed to work away around the frustratingly unsuccessful matchmaking and in Dujiangyan's Panda paradise there is a baby boom, well cub boom I guess. So I was very much looking forward to heading to Panda Valley for a proverbial Teddybears Picnic.

It can get pretty hot in Szechuan, and on this day it was clear blue sky's and edging past 34 degrees centigrade by 09:00. Not too much of a problem for me, but Pandas prefer it a little cooler, after all sitting around all day and eating bamboo is hard work. Almost as bothersome as donning a giant Panda suit and trapesing about on a social media exercise, which is what my friend, and guide Olaf (Guest Liason Manager at the Six Senses Resort) was having to endure.

He managed to terrorise a couple of children, entertain a few more, apologise for not being able to broadcast with the Pandas as they prefer it indoors with air con on full blast and that was my Panda adventure sadly. I got to look at them through the glass as they sat in a comfortable, temperature controlled environment eating. I found out that that is what they do pretty much, just eat and chill, not such a bad life huh. Then we were off to meet another wonder of nature, the Sturgeon.

Don't tell me that you thought I didn't get any actual Panda shots haha, of course I managed a few.

Next time I'll show you the Sturgeon farm and the fun we had there, I'll leave you with this silly picture of the Kung Fu Panda getting his butt kicked....

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