Refined my Website.

Refined My Website.

So I have been busy, the is great and no complaints. 12 weeks of straight work has meant that I neglected a few things along the way, one of which was my website. Now a couple of weeks ago I had a meeting with a prominent photographers agent from New York and had the opportunity to really go through and edit my site. This all came about thanks to the good people at Mastered, there are ongoing benefits to having done the course with Nick Knight and this certainly proved to be one of them.

As I said I had been working pretty much every day for weeks and was stressed out and feeling a bit burned out. My meeting was at 23:00 on skype, I was totally unprepared. Brent was a little late for the call, he is a busy guy which gave me 10 minutes to make some notes and then we were chatting. He cut straight to the chase and spoke about my style, it's darker qualities and how I should stay true to myself and my vision. We spoke about my desire to work in the wider Asian fashion market and in particularly Shanghai, for which he felt with a bit more work under my belt I would be a good fit. 

As we talked I made a comment which is becoming the mantra for my style, "There is much more life in the darkness". 

Have a look at my work, it is lit but the is a dark quality to it, I use light to create shadows just as much if not more than highlights. This is not something new, the essays I wrote at school were commented on by my tutors as having the same quality. Don't for a second think that I am a dark or sinister person, I am far from it. I just find a certain romantic nuance and mystery in the noir. 

And so I followed the instructions and set about removing the chaff from my website. Refining it's look and cleaning it up, making it more balanced and focused, and can't wait to add my latest editorial fashion story once the publication is released.

I have spent a few days beginning my journey on learning about SEO and implementing that knowledge. It is amazing what I can get done when I put my mind to it, old dogs can learn new tricks.

Acquiring new skills has been something that my latest clients have been pushing me to do. Figuring  out making short film clips, cinemagrams and 2.5 parallax images are all new skills I have learned over the past few months and am enjoying developing. Soon I hope to have better video production options and really get into making short film pieces, who knows I may even invest in a drone if the time is right for that (not to mention I just really want a drone!).

I can hardly have a photography blog without a picture in it can I, or can I? This is about my now refined website, so if you want to see pictures I suggest you visit here: Of course you may well already be on the blog page of my website, in which case the links to the pages are at the top, what are you waiting for?

Let me know what you think if you have time, feedback is always appreciated.

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Thank you and love to all.....